Church Shooting

Well, as many of you probably have heard, there was a church shooting here in Knoxville on Sunday. Knoxville has had some terrible tragedies over the past couple of years. ( the Channon Christiansen/Chris Newsome carjacking/murders and now this fatal shooting.)
The thing is, now all the news articles talk about how the shooter was “a conservative that hated the liberal stance of the Unitarian Church”. Well, this might be true but obviously there was a lot more going on with him then just that!
I don’t like how the media puts “a spin” on things. They make it sound like being conservative is a disease and conservatives themselves are narrow minded. Give me a break. I consider myself a conservative, but this in no way means I’m going to go out and shoot the place up just because I don’t agree with a lot of liberals. I just don’t like how the media twists issues to suit their own perceptions of things. It’s apparent to most of us that this shooter had a lot of issues and really his political bent is the least of his worries. I still don’t understand what makes a person snap. What is it that puts an “average” guy over the edge? So over the edge that he walks into a church on a suicide mission–to kill total strangers and then hope the police kill him too? I just don’t get it. What is the point of that?

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