On The Road Again……

How many people does it take to drive to Tennessee? In our case 4. I am leaving Ohio today with the 3 kids. I don’t really want to leave Scott in Ohio, but I have no choice. He is “left behind” to deal with the house construction getting under way…..I have the kids, and must get serious about packing boxes!
Now that things are getting underway–and hopefully, moving quickly from here on out I need to pack, pack, and pack some more. Not my favorite thing to do, but my mom and sister have offered their services when I need them. (Though I have a sneaking suspicion that my younger sister is seeing big YARD SALE/MOVING SALE signs in our front yard!) Seriously though I do need to think about what is truly important and what I’m just hanging on to for no real reason. It’s amazing how much stuff one woman can accumulate over the 14 years I’ve lived in this house. Ugh.
Well, I better go. It’s time to hit the road. Say a prayer for me. Did I mention that I’m road tripping with my 3 kids? (ages 12.13,16) Hey, don’t laugh at me. I’m serious. I’ll need the prayer:)

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