Doing The Happy Dance

Scott and I and the kids are back in Ohio. (it will be so nice once we actually are able to move into our house!) We were at Wal-mart the other night picking up some food staples. We knew the kids would want some milk so off to the refrigerated section we went…..
What a pleasant surprise when we look down and see that a gallon of milk was only $2.89!!! Wow!! I was so excited that I broke out into the happy dance. (It is somewhere between a shuffle and a bunny hop) A gallon of milk at our Wal-mart in Knoxville had shot up to $4.23! We drink a lot of milk in our family so you can imagine that it was expensive. So, the other night I was pleasantly surprised. There were several other items that were noticeably reduced. It was a good shopping trip. (Yes people, I can even get excited over lower priced groceries!—-Hey, I’m being a “glass half full” person.)
We also noticed the gas prices going back down. We stopped in Springfield, OH on the way up here and we only paid $3.65. Scott and I couldn’t believe it. ( Really though, how sad is that, that we are excited over $3.65/gallon?) If it ever (and I know I’m dreaming) got back down to $2 something a gallon there would be a lot of passing out at the pump.

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