Something Fishy Is Going On

Okay, something weird is going on with this young mother (who is now in custody) and her 2 year old daughter that has been missing for over a month. A normal person would have a lot of questions about this….Why did the mom wait for weeks before telling anyone her daughter was missing? Why, once it was found out that the daughter was missing did she lie to the police officers? Why hasn’t she said anything since being in jail? I also find it very peculiar that this young woman’s mother won’t discuss her daughters motives in any of the interviews that she has done. She gets angry if anyone even bothers to broach the subject. What is with that anyway? I watched part of the trial with the grandmother of the little girl on the stand. Just too many loose ends. Why did the mother not seem to care that her mom was calling the police? But she herself wouldn’t do it??? Odd. Very Odd.
Now, I’m no police officer and no I don’t know all the facts but something fishy is going on. Looks to me like someone is hiding something. Where is this toddler at? I really hope that sweet looking little girl is safe and unharmed.

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