Hot As The Blue Blazes

Good grief people I’m melting fast. The heat and humidity in the south is enough to kill me. I don’t do well in the extreme heat….I am much more a “crank up the air conditioner” type of girl. I’d rather be turning blue from the cold then passed out from the heat. I had a friend from childhood that was one “of those” people. She would wear a sweater at 90 degrees because she “had a little chill”. I personally thought she had some sort of genetic defect:) I, myself am all for the least amount of clothes as possible in the summertime. Well, maybe I should rephrase that and say the least amount of clothes that are LEGALLY and SOCIALLY acceptable.
I’ve never understood these people that say, “I’d love to live in a state with beautiful, balmy weather year round”. Not me. I want the chill. I want some snow. Freeze….Frigid….Cold. Sure, I don’t always like the hassle that excess snow or ice can bring, but at least I’m not sweating to death.
All this hot summer talk is causing me to perspire. I think this calls for a tall glass of iced tea.