I Continue To Be Shocked

I continue to be shocked by the callousness of the general population. You’d think by this point I’d be used to it and it wouldn’t affect me so much….but it still does. This weekend I was reading a news article about the death of the teenage boy at the amusement park in Georgia. What a horrible tragedy.
Was it a stupid decision on his part to climb over 2 fences and to go into a restricted area near the roller coaster? Of course. Did he make a terrible decision to defy authority and break the rules? Yes.
People commenting on this article in the online paper were harsh. They made jokes about his stupidity causing him to “lose his head”. (the poor boy was decapitated in the accident) I thought those callous comments came from very small minds….and very hard hearts.
Honestly, he was a 17 yr. old boy on a church youth trip. He didn’t hurt anyone else, it’s not like he robbed a bank or something. He broke the rules and thought nothing would happen to him…that he’d get away with it. How many teenagers (and esp. teenage boys!) do stupid things EVERY day and it’s only by the grace of God that they don’t die? It doesn’t make their stunts right, but it does happen. Teenagers think they are invincible and that bad stuff will never happen to them. This boy made a horrible mistake and paid with his life. Instead of making fun at a sad situation the people that commented need to take a step back and consider how they would feel if this were THEIR son. It wouldn’t be so funny then.