What Is The Deal With That?

Okay people. I just don’t get it. What is the deal with the high school girls in Massachusetts that made a pact to get pregnant and raise their children together? Are they crazy? I believe so. After getting over the initial shock that girls would actually do this ON PURPOSE, I thought to myself WHY?? It truly is sad that they wouldn’t be able to see that having a child is serious business, it is not a baby doll. A baby is totally dependent on mom and dad and takes much more then he/she is able to give in return…..at least at first. Stories like this just make me think, what in the world?? Who in their right mind would have ever thought that it would come to this? That getting pregnant is like a game. You know who I really feel sorry for? The babies. There is no way on God’s green earth that a 14 or 15 year old girl knows how to take care of an infant and all that, that entails.