What Really Matters

I’m currently reading The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch.  Scott told me about this man after hearing about him on FOX news. Being that both Scott and I were widowed at young ages it resonates with me even more then the average person. Mr. Pausch found out that he was dying from terminal cancer and he was only in his mid 40’s. His children were (and are) all very young. He realized that there are certain things in this life that are more important than others. He made a “last lecture” speech at Carnegie-Mellon where he had been a professor.

It really is true…..people get so worried about stuff, that in the big scheme of things, doesn’t really matter. Things should not be all consuming.  Relationships are the most important thing. Wisdom imparted, memories made, laughs shared, burdens carried, hands held, knowing looks, goofy stories, emotion shown…these are the sort of things that make life interesting. These are the things that make life worth living.

This book really makes one think about what their legacy will be? When people look back on my life what will they see? How will I be remembered? It’s worth thinking about.

One thought on “What Really Matters

  1. I think you are right ! How will people remember me ? Do I need to put more effort into leaving that legacy ? I always think about the legacy thing when I am mad at my children and yelling or something… Oh this is how they will remember me…haha
    When we think we have given “enough” most of the time God says ” One more step !” UGH… But what a blessing that will be if we follow his lead ! Could we have done more ? I think everyone will tell you “YES” unfortunately we allow crazy things like ” OH Well I was afraid people would think I was crazy or stupid” … Well my philosophy on that is you can always find someone who thinks your stupid… Don’t let them seperate you from doing God’s work or will ! 🙂
    I mean look at me I’m pregnant again ! AT 37 !!! most days I think I am stupid… Children are such blessings from God, You know we are supposed to be “fruitful”… BUT Pregnancy is a curse see Gen. 3:16… haha I hope if the Lord continues to bless me He will drop the next few off at the door step !! 🙂

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