Ice Road Truckers

I am now officially a fan of the ice road truckers. The show comes on Sunday nights on the History channel. The show is in it’s second season. This season they are 100 miles above the Arctic circle. They are literally driving semi trucks, fully loaded, across parts of the frozen Arctic Ocean. It is amazing how people come in to make the ice roads and then the men drive these trucks across the ice roads to get equipment and supplies to these oil companies.

My first husband was a truck driver for a food service company….and he also did a short stint as a freight hauler. During that time period, before I had Kendrick, I rode with him for one week. I can honestly say truck driving is not for me. For one thing, I couldn’t stay awake long enough to be a truck driver, also I couldn’t back a 53′ trailer into a narrow opening at a loading dock. Also, I am directionally challenged so there is no telling where I would have ended up at. Supposed to be in St. Louis and ended up in Sante Fe. hahaha.

So anyway, I find the ice truckers interesting. They only have a 2 month window to get the supplies to oil companies in the Arctic. After that 2 month period the roads start to melt. I’d hate to be the guy who is on one of the last runs and the ice starts cracking…….