On The Road Again

Back to Ohio…..again. I love Ohio, but I can’t say I’m a big fan of the 6 hour drive to get there.  We have been living in limbo for several months and we will be living in limbo for several months to come. ugh. As you can probably tell I’m in a blah funk this morning. Some of it is because I’m tired. I wasn’t feeling all that great last night. I felt kind of achy. I don’t think that is going to bode well for a long trip today. I will probably not be the best traveling partner. If anyone tries anything today I might zap them with the laser beams that shoot out of my eyes. It is my “if mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy” look. My look can be fairly terrifying….esp. to young children and animals.

My oldest son evidently didn’t sleep much last night (which isn’t unusual) and he was up when I got up this morning. He was bouncing around like Tigger on speed and goofing around with me. I was not in a goofing around mood. Bless his heart…he tried. I gave him the death stare. He is a brave boy and it did not deter him. I laser beamed him with my eyes. He just smiled and kept talking a mile a minute. I grunted at him. He stood firm. When he is in a good mood not even a grumpy mom can stop him. After harassing me for awhile he decided to retreat to the downstairs while I blogged and had some coffee. I suppose I should go get a shower now. Maybe that will help….or maybe not. Grrrr……………..