Happy Fathers Day

I was reading our local newspaper this morning. It had a story about Dads being that it’s Fathers Day and all…People wrote in and told stories about their dads and the lessons Dad had taught over the years. I was near tears by the end of the article. Then again I’m the one who will openly weep during a good Hallmark commercial. I also have been known to sniffle at the Budweiser commercials that come on at Christmas. No, I don’t drink beer but Budweiser puts out the best commercials. Who doesn’t love the Clydesdale horses pulling the sleigh through the falling snow–warm lights pouring out of the farmhouse windows as family arrives for the holidays? Come on people! That is so sweet it deserves a sniffle.

I digress. I was talking about Fathers Day and was diverted to Hallmark and Budweiser commercials. My husband, Scott, is an awesome Dad. He takes his job seriously. He loves his kids and isn’t afraid to tell them so. He wants to teach them the things that are truly important in life. He will be the first one to tell you that he isn’t perfect…but personally I think he does a pretty great job. If he knew I was typing this stuff he would probably be a little embarrassed. (So, I won’t tell him) 🙂

Happy Fathers Day.