Did you see the pictures?

Wow. I saw the pictures of Cedar Rapids on the news this morning. The city is swamped. How in the world is this all going to play out? The Mississippi River isn’t supposed to crest for another week. People are in for a lot more flooding before this is over AND more bad weather is on the way. I’m telling you what, between the tornadoes and the flooding, people in the midwest have really been having a difficult time. I feel terrible for them. I wanted to cry when I heard some people being interviewed yesterday. They lost everything but what they could grab in a few minutes.

On another sad topic I really DID cry over the deaths of so many young people this week. The 11 yr. old and the 13 year old girls that were murdered in Oklahoma. WHY?????? They looked so sweet, and the fact that they were around my own daughters age just bothered me so much. I put myself in their parents shoes…..the girls had walked around that rural area hundreds of times and no one thought anything of it…now they are dead. The boy scouts that were on a camping trip died when the tornado hit. The boys were my son’s age. The one young boy had a big smile and I thought, “he smiles like Kendrick”. Last week he was alive and now because of a violent storm he is dead, along with 3 others.  It’s just so sad. I don’t even have words………

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