Utterly Ridiculous!!!

I get the Limbaugh letter. I read the News Digest and came across one story about a British citizen. This man got fined about $440 (in U.S money) His crime was this: He filled up his garbage bin to the point that the lid was slightly raised. No I’m not joking. Authorities actually took a picture of his raised lid.  He refused to pay the fine so they fined him again. They accused him of having his trashcan too full and that meant that he was not recycling enough. The local council says that they are going to continue to crack down on these types of things.

All I have to say about that is I’m glad that none of that council lives in my neighborhood. Our two trashcans are regularly full with raised lids. With 5 people in this family we accumulate a lot of trash. What can I say?