I’m a Romantic

Yes, it is true. I am a romantic. I grew up with people telling me I was sentimental, looked at life through “rose colored” glasses, wore my heart on my sleeve, and constantly wrote my thoughts down in journals. When I was very young I started a family newspaper. Mind you I wrote it out by hand on notebook paper, drew my own illustrations, and reported  information on all my aunts, uncles and cousins. My grandmother kept copies of my papers and after her passing, while cleaning out her room, it was a hoot to look back over the momentos she had saved. It’s hard to cry when you have to smile….. I hope that is the way it is with me when I pass away. I hope people laugh. I hope they laugh hard. I plan on leaving them a lot to laugh about:)

Now I am a blogger and have made my journal public. Writing for me is therapeutic. It always has been. One day I’m writing a book.  Yes, I’ve never understood the analytical type–the “just give me the facts” type—funny that I ended up marrying one! I guess that is a good thing though, because we complement each other so well. I know I’ve made him shake his head quite a few times. haha. Just for example when Scott tells a story it is “the facts”. If it is a problem he wants to solve it. He wants to see it as an equation. NOT ME. I like to hear the details, know how people feel about it, how is it affecting them…..sometimes my stories tend to meander along because I like to paint a visual of the characters in my stories. The details make life interesting. This is where Scott rolls his eyes and says, “your point is?”  I just laugh and tell him, “you married me…and now you are forced to listen to me!” Okay…here is a prime example: this past week Scott was trying to explain physics to me. Now, people believe me when I say that is an undertaking. What’s funny is that I had to relate it to NASCAR. We were discussing speed, how the track is banked, and how fast the driver can be propelled down the track. He decided to work with me on my visuals. I needed to “see” physics. The kids think we’re weird. Oh well. I guess we are:) But we’re enjoying life and that’s what matters.