Cat Puke

Yes, there is nothing like good ol’ cat puke to make you clean your bed linens. One of the cats hacked up a fur ball with some other gross stuff. Now, that happens on occasion, I just wish he hadn’t decided to hack it up on my bed. Scott and I were at Walmart doing some grocery shopping when we get a phone call from one of the kids. “Umm…..the cat puked on your bed.” We pulled the linens up, but they definitely need to be washed. Yuck. I gave the cat the evil eye when I got home. He just smiled at me. Well, it looked like a smile anyway. Maybe it was a smirk. I couldn’t really tell. It’s hard to tell if a cat is smiling or smirking. It’s tricky business.

Anyway, long story even longer…….I’m now up at 11:15 waiting for my comforter to finish drying. The cats are banned from the bedroom for a little while. I don’t want anymore hairball fiascos. For pity sake….what are cats thinking? If I went around licking my hair all day I guess I’d get sick too.

Arbonne Makes For A Sweet Smelling Cat

Yesterday afternoon we were grilling out on the deck. Unknown to us our house cat “escaped” out onto the deck. When we were done we came back inside. A couple hours had gone by before we heard cat cries and scratching at the door. We looked outside and lo and behold there was Samson! He was happy to be let in because he is a black, long furred cat and it was like 93 degrees outside yesterday. The thing is he had obviously been rolling around out there….and we have pollen and dust all over the deck. He was covered! He obviously HAD TO have a bath! Well, Scott and I got Samson in the tub (no easy feat let me tell you!) and then realized we had no pet shampoo. I decided that if Arbonne is pure, safe, and beneficial  for humans that it should work for Samson too. After his bath, and having calmed down while he dried off….I gave him a good sniff. He has never smelled so good:) I wonder what he thinks of his new fresh scent? Now, I wouldn’t make a habit of using my shampoo on the cat, but it did work nicely at the time. Samson has officially been Arbonnized! I think he should write a testimonial.