Ever have those moments?

Have you ever had those brief moments in time where the very second you are living in is perfect? One of those happened to me recently. Scott and I had gone over to an Amish friends house to discuss some house plans….

While Scott was talking I was sitting in the van waiting on him. It was around 7pm on an early June evening. The sun was lower in the sky and the shadows stretched across the fields as the horses grazed.  The scene laid out before me like a picture from a postcard.  I love the way summer evenings seem to go on forever. There is just something about the relaxing, laid back summertime.  It makes me want to grab a large iced tea and just sit back and enjoy the view.

The Barns of Central Ohio

Remember that movie from many years ago called THE BRIDGES OF MADISON COUNTY? It starred Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep.  Well, my idea has nothing really to do with that movie except that I am now busily taking pictures of barns. It was a real treat for Scott and I to go on drives and to snap pictures of history. I’m calling my photo collection, THE BARNS OF CENTRAL OHIO.

Since visiting in Ohio (and impatiently waiting for our house to be built) I have really enjoyed the rural scenery… There is nothing that says “rural America”  to me more then a barn.  I’ve seen old barns, faded barns, dilapidated barns, barns with messages painted on the roof, new metal barns, and barns with odd angles.  Each barn looks like it tells a story–and because of the age of some of these barns I bet they’ve “seen” a lot. How many generations have used these utilitarian buildings that stand as a symbol of the hard working rural Americans that use them?

My collection will be framed and put on display in my new house.  Not only am I proud that we are having our house built by local craftsmen that take pride in their work,  but I am also happy to be moving to a place where people are so friendly and helpful. God is good…and I’m thankful that He led us to this special place that we will soon be able to call home.