Meltin’ Like an Ice Cube

Scott’s apartment in Ohio is small. That is fine….while the whole family has been here we’ve “pretended” that we are camping. The kids are using sleeping bags and Scott and I are sleeping on the futon. Um….let’s just say this is not a 5 star hotel, but we are troopers so we press on! We have decided (or at least Scott and I have) that we can do anything for a short while. We have the vision of our new house—we keep that vision in our sights so that we can get through the uncomfortable for now.

I only have one complaint and that is this: there is no air conditioning in this very small apartment. I’m melting quickly…just call me ice cube. I’m the one who after one night told Scott, ” I can’t deal with this.” (Seriously, I can’t. The heat makes me physically sick.) So, it was off to Walmart to get some fans. I’ve been the one plastered to the fan, hoping to chill off a little bit and to keep the melting at bay:)