Follow Up To Yesterday’s Post

Scott and I went back into the restaurant to talk with the manager on duty. He came out from the back door, hands on his hips, staring us down. He had an attitude before he even made it to the front counter. This is no lie….the first words out of his mouth were, ” Oh, you were the ones in here last night. I heard about you. You came in here cussing and had to be put out of the restaurant.”  Now that would be laughable if it wasn’t soooo stupid. This was the manager for pete’s sake! Evidentally, the sassy girl from last night that had been so rude to us told the mangaer “her side” of the story, regardless of whether it had one stitch of truth in it. I guess she didn’t want to get in trouble so she thought she’d tell her manager some story before we had opportunity to talk with him. She obviously feels it’s okay to lie through her teeth to save her own skin.

The thing is this man tried to intimidate us. He wouldn’t even let us talk, telling us “he already knew the story!” When Scott tried to tell him, “sir, you know what you were told by the young ladies, but that is not the whole story.” The manager would not have any of it and told Scott he needed to quit running his mouth. At this point I said, “listen we didn’t get our food, nor did we get our money back.” He told me that we couldn’t get money back–no way. He slammed some containers up on the counter. This guy was so completely rude, in was almost unbelievable. At this point Scott said, “we’re leaving and you can keep your food.”

When we asked for the owner’s name he told us, but we were unsure of the spelling to which the manager replied,” how do you think you spell it?” Can you believe this guy???? He said, ” you won’t get a hold of him.” Scott and I are going over their heads. All we wanted was our food, now it’s become this major deal. I’m going to call corporate. I don’t know what they’ll say, but it will make me feel like I got some sort of justice. These people at the Long John Silvers on Western are jerks. Their rudeness is hurting the business…..last night a man stopped us in the parking lot and told us that he had problems and talked with the manager and got nowhere too. So it’s a pattern.

There is a certain segment of the population that carry a huge chip on their shoulders. They have a certain mentality that they feel gives them “the right” to treat us the way they did. Losers.