Sassy,Trashy Long John’s

Last night the family thought we’d have some fish from Long John Silvers on Western Avenue. Not only did they get our order in the drive-through wrong, we had to wait an extra 10-15 minutes when they told us “just 2-3”. (and there was no one else at the place but us!!)  We FINALLY got our order and then drove the 10 minutes home only to find out when we started dividing out the food that they shorted us on several of the pieces of fish we had paid for and didn’t even give us one of our sides! So I tried 3 separate times to call the restaurant and couldn’t get through on the phone. We drove the 10 minutes back to the restaurant with our receipt. On the way there, I finally got through on the phone and told them the problem and we were on our way back.

When we got there we were told we’d have to wait behind all the other people that were there. WE HAD ALREADY WAITED AND WAITED to get our food in the first place! (they were too busy to take care of the problem that they had created!)  Then one of the girls got sassy and gave us all kinds of attitude. (It was our problem etc….) We asked for the managers name and phone number….AND the girls names that were working at the time. They didn’t care in the slightest that they messed up our order. They needed to either give us our food or give us the money we paid for things we didn’t get. We ended up with neither. Both of us were absolutely disgusted with the behavior of the employees at this establishment. We will be going back today to talk with the manager on duty. If this person has any sense at all then he/she will take care of this.

Completely aggravating. And so unnecessary. Is this the way it is now? Young people with bad attitudes who really don’t care how they do their job or even if they please the customer? Well, needless to say after we get this debacle cleared up we will NEVER be going back to that establishment again….and we will make sure to tell everyone we know not too either!