Cranes Falling From The Sky

Okay, that’s it. I’m not walking anywhere in the city where there is a crane being used. I saw the sad story on the news this morning about another crane falling over and one person being killed and others being seriously injured. These crane accidents are becoming more frequent. It unnerves me. I mean one minute a person is walking along down on the sidewalk, minding their own business when WHAM! the next thing she/he, knows she/he is smacked down by a huge metal crane. Now, just between you and me that is not the way I want to leave this life. The last crane accident smashed a building in. Those things must be pretty heavy….and for them to be attached to a building while working is pretty scary stuff.

I now officially have a crane and other heavy machinery phobia. I cannot be around construction equipment. This phobia does not bode well for me considering my family is having a house built. I will watch from a far…..away from the big equipment.

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