I love HGTV

I am currently watching a show called House Hunters.  Couples go around looking at various houses. They have to make a choice of which house they are interested in buying. I always find these shows interesting because of the things that are “deal breakers” for people. Some people like crown molding, some think cabinets are dated, carpet or hardwood? As I now know (what with building a house and all) houses can be a BIG deal. I’m always amazed at how much these houses cost for not a lot of space. Certain parts of the country are worse then others. I remember watching one show where this couple in California were going to buy a house and I promise it wasn’t much larger then a good size closet (okay, slight exaggeration) and the sellers wanted like 900,000 for it. I about fell out of my chair! So what if it’s in a good location. Unless the floors and walls are made of gold, forget it!!