Trolls, Coffee and the Military

I just have a mish mash of stuff to discuss today. A little bit of this and a little bit of that. Just stuff.

#1 I was out in my front yard the other evening, minding my own business when I happen to look up the street. (now the street we live on in the subdivision T’s with another street at the top of the hill) Lo and behold a HUGE cell phone tower has been erected on the hill behind the house at the top of the street. Good grief! It is huge, and by huge I mean tall, and it takes up a lot of space, and blocks the view, and is ugly. There. I said it. It’s ugly and I don’t like it. Not that the “powers that be” even asked my opinion, BUT if they had I would have said, “Your cell phone tower is ugly.” If it hurt their feelings so be it. I can’t help it. I mean it’s just there. In the middle of the field for all to see. So what if we get better service……. and by the way, how in the world did that monstrosity go up so quickly? One day nothing is there. The next BLAM! it’s blocking the sky. It’s like the evil cell tower trolls came in and erected it in the dark of the night before the people woke up to see what had happened in their neighborhood. Evil trolls.

P.S. My husband (my loving techno-geek) thinks it is fine. I think he actually is glad it is there. Whatever. I still think it’s ugly.

#2 Scott and I have been trying to think about how to use the rest of our coffee. Let me explain. You know how sometimes you’ll fix a pot of coffee in the morning, but it never gets finished? What a waste, right? Who wants cold coffee from the pot? Reheating it, well it just doesn’t taste the same so we decided to make some iced coffee. It doesn’t matter if it is cold. Last night I crushed ice, put it in a big cup, poured French Vanilla International Delight over the ice (the low carb kind w/Splenda) and added the coffee to fill it the rest of the way up. Then I put a lid on the cup and shook it until it was completely blended. It was very good if I do say so myself…..and all that for only 4 net carbs. A person has got to love that:)

#3 I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day and spends time remembering the men and women that have served and do serve in our military. Yesterday at church the pastor had the men and women that are serving or are veterans to stand. I always am awed when looking around the church at times like that. Then the pastor said something that is so true. Isn’t it something to see a veteran’s face when the National Anthem is played or one of the other songs about our country? The reverence on their face….it’s because they “get it”. They know and understand what the words truly mean. They understand what it is to fight for the freedoms that we have in this country. Some of them have suffered great loss, and sacrifice in order to bring us those freedoms. I for one am thankful and grateful to all our military that serve us so well. God Bless You.