Did I mention that I love icecream???

I have gone back to the low carb way of eating. It really is the best way for me to eat. It helps me keep my blood sugar on an even keel. No dips, no spikes. That is all good, I admit I feel better when I eat this way. It might not work for everybody but it does work for me.  Having said all this I want you to know that I can give up bread, (who cares?), rice (don’t like it much anyway), potatoes (no big deal), I don’t miss lots of the sugary sweets ( I can live without candy) BUT I love ice cream. I do believe that God will have ice cream in Heaven. It’s one of those eternal pleasures. haha!

Now, on that note, my wonderful mother in law had bought me a subscription to Taste of Home. I love the magazine and drool over uh…. I mean read it from cover to cover. WHAT DO YOU THINK IS IN THE VERY BEGINNING OF THIS MONTHS ISSUE?????  You got it. It was how to make home made ice cream. I am very weak when it comes to ice cream. I try self control. I have the best of intentions, but for crying out loud—IT’S ICE CREAM!! I’ve read the article several times. And then I read it again. I REALLY want to try the Cookie Dough Ice Cream, um, or the banana caramel topping used on one of the sundaes.

I’m in a struggle. Do I stand firm or do I give in to the delightful, dairy temptation? Hmm…… I don’t know. The jury is still out. If you see me holding a spoon with the remnants of chocolate fudge on my face, just do us both a favor and look the other way.