Where is John Wayne when we need him?

It’s on days like this that we could really use John Wayne.  If “The Duke” had run across the guy that shot the officer yesterday he would have taken care of business. We might have had a shoot out in the middle of our neighborhood street. Whoever drew the fastest won. (We all know John Wayne would have won that one!)

The KPD are still looking for the shooter. They have one guy in mind. (and obviously the other guys that were with him burglarizing the house) I want them to get him. Any idiot that would shoot an officer probably wouldn’t give a thought to shooting anyone else. What a loser. With a capital “L”.

What really makes me sad is that when I moved into this subdivision 14 years ago it was a great neighborhood in a nice part of the city. I always felt safe here. Over the past several years things have changed, unfortunately not for the better. It’s really a shame.

It seems like with the two car break ins and now this terrible incident in my own neighborhood within the past month and a half that the thugs/thieves are taking over. I’ve never been so glad that I’ll soon be moving to a rural part of the country. Yes, I know that there are bad things that happen in “the country” too. Quite frankly, I’ll take my chances with the alpacas and the cows….over the animals that live on the streets.

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