Skeletons Are Not Sexy!

I was watching a news story this morning about a former model who has recently written a book. She was talking about how when she started modeling she weighed 130 lbs. at 5’9″ (which is slender). The fashion “powers that be” told her she needed to lose weight. She got down to 102 lbs. She looked like a skeleton! The designers wanted her to look like a clothes hanger to show off their clothes. How sick is that?! I mean, honestly, do men find women that skinny, attractive? It’s not even close to being realistic. Every time I see a story like that I get mad. These women in magazines are so unbelievably skinny–no one could really look like that and be healthy that is….. This particular model started losing her hair. She almost ended up in the hospital. Yet, she is supposed to be an ideal? Give me a break.