The Year Was 1968

I was at Walmart last night and saw a 40 year anniversary edition of Time magazine. It had 1968 in bold numbers across the front. Since I’m coming up on my 40th birthday I thought I’d get it to see what was “going on” the year I made my appearance.

Of course we all know that my birthday was THE happening event of that year, but that aside here are the other things that were shaking up the country…..

Vietnam was still going on and President Lyndon Johnson told the country in March of that year that he would not run for re-election….. The job of president went to Nixon after the voters cast their ballots in November of that same year.

In April Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated followed a mere 9 weeks later by the assassination of Sen. Robert Kennedy.

Pop art was hot and the black power movement was “say it loud, we’re black and we’re proud”. U.S medal winners, Tommie Smith and John Carlos rose their fists in protest at the Olympics in Mexico.

The Beatles were THE group and Dustin Hoffman and Anne Bancroft were heating it up in “Mrs. Robinson.”

People watched The Mod Squad and Laugh In.

Lots going on in the year I was born……Hey, there were some crazy clothing choices going on too…..what were people thinking?