Hot Stuff at 40

Okay people, I’m turning the big 4-0 in less then 2 weeks. To some women this might put them in crisis mode ….but not me. I think being 40 will be great! I’m young enough to still be healthy and active, and old enough to be mature and insightful. Yes, it would be nice to have the bod I had at 21, but do I want to go back to that time? No way. Back then I thought I knew it all–but I didn’t have a clue about what life was really about. A real understanding about the truly important things in life takes years to learn….and even now I’m still working on those lessons. I bet I’ll continue to work on life’s lessons for many, many years to come.

Being the giving person that I am (don’t laugh!) I am going to share my top 10 ways to stay young and beautiful….even after turning 40. This has not been scientifically researched (but who really cares?) so I will not be held accountable for side effects or um……accidents if you try these top 10 things. Don’t say I didn’t warn you:) Side note: These little nuggets of wisdom are in no specific order. (Just thought I’d add that for those of you that are very particular about those types of things.)


1. Have selective hearing. Pretend you don’t hear your kids yelling, any loud thumps, or other chaos going on at the other end of the house. If you don’t “hear” it, then you won’t worry about it. Worry causes wrinkles. We don’t want wrinkles.

2. Practice bladder control. Try and run all your errands around town while drinking your 32 oz. of water in your ever present water bottle. Toughen up that bladder. Hold it until you are ready to pop. This exercise for the bladder will keep you out of Depends for several more years.

3. Don’t wear embarrassing clothes. Older women should not be wearing tube tops or mini skirts. It’s just not pretty. I don’t care how gorgeous you feel, this combo is not good. By the time you are 40 some of your stuff has shifted around and trust me on this, it doesn’t look as good as when you wore it at 21. Enough said.

4. Soak in the tub at least once a week. Don’t tell me you don’t have time. Make time. This is very relaxing. If any member of your family knocks on the bathroom door go back and review rule #1. Stay in the tub as long as possible…but not so long that you turn into a prune. Shriveled up skin is not attractive…and as you get older it might not “spring back” as quickly as it used to.

5. Exercise regularly. Not only will you feel better and your body will be healthier, but this will help to keep everything in it’s place and will reverse any sagging. You can have a little extra “junk in your trunk” but would you rather have the trunk of a Porshe or a 1978 station wagon? Hey, it’s up to you.

6. Have at least one good friend in your life. This is “your girl”. She hangs with you no matter what. She doesn’t care if you’ve gained an extra 10 pounds (even if you are doing #5) or if your latest haircut is a serious mistake.  She loves you anyway. The longer you have this girlfriend the better. Every woman needs someone to commiserate with. Even if you have a wonderful, loving husband you still need a good girlfriend…there are sometimes when men just don’t get us females.

7. Fork out the extra money for some awesome skincare. This is necessary. We need all the elastin and collagen that we can get. Firm and plump that skin. Good skin care will give you a naturally healthy glow, smooth soft skin and reduced wrinkles. Don’t go get cosmetic surgery. Just don’t do it… don’t want to turn out like some of the Hollywood stars that now look like they could be the displays in a wax museum.

8. Love your family and tell them daily how much they mean to you. When you are gone they will remember the sweet memories, you will become almost saint-like in their eyes……they will completely forget how they thought their mother was the weirdest mother on earth and how she embarrassed them beyond all recognition.

9. Love your husband after all he has to put up with you. Yes, you might have to pick up his underwear off the floor for the 50 billionth time, but he has to deal with your moods and crankiness during PMS week. Having someone to love helps make the years enjoyable, and if you are blessed to have a wonderful husband, then he will always love you…and in his minds eye you will always look like the beautiful woman he married. (even if you really don’t….love is blind so go with it.)

10. Finally, staying young is a state of mind. So really work on your mind. Keep it active and sharp. Learn new things, keep up on current affairs, do puzzles. Hey, it’s important to have your wits about you….

I hope you will find these tidbits of knowledge that I’ve gleaned over the years to be useful….and if not, I can live with that, but don’t say I didn’t try to be helpful. In my humble opinion I will be a force to be reckoned with in my 40’s. I’m looking forward to this decade. Good bye 30’s…Hello 40’s! There’s a new girl in town!!