Dare To Dream

I am reading this wonderful book called Dare to Dream and Work To Win by Dr. Tom Barrett. As an avid reader and discerner of worthy books, let me tell you this book ranks in the top 10. Yes, that is my opinion, but from someone who has read a massive amount of books in her lifetime, trust me this is a good one!

__________In chapter 6 he tells this story of a woman who went into an antiques store and was just looking around on the “junk” table. She found a vase that obviously had been setting there for a while as it was covered with dust. She wiped some of the dust off and thought it might have some potential at beauty. She took it home, after buying it for $3. She cleaned it up and started to see the exquisite color and design. She took it to a fine arts appraiser who told her the vase had belonged to a Russian czar and it was valued at $50,000.

The author, Dr. Barrett, goes on to say that this kind of thing happens everyday. Objects of extraordinary beauty and worth are overlooked and undervalued. But this oversight is not limited to the realm of vases. It happens all to often in the world of vessels…human vessels. One of the silent tragedies in daily life is the number of people who dismiss themselves from being players in the game of life. Everyone faces a final area of doubt. It is our belief in ourselves. _________________

Wow. That passage made me think. How many times do we give up because we don’t think we can do something? We can be our own worst enemies, and our own worst critics. You know what? Life is short. It really is. Why not go out and face the giants, head on? What have you really got to lose? You can do it. You can make a difference. Keep your chin up. I’m cheering you on!!!