Any Hockey Fans Out There?

Last night I watched the Dallas Stars play San Jose. (Scott and I were hoping for the Stars 4th win in this series, but alas they lost 2-1 this time.)  I have to say I was not a hockey fan before I met my husband, Scott. He is a big Stars fan. When we got married he took me (and the kiddos) to several Ice Bears games here in Knoxville. Even though the Ice Bears are a regional team and not national, it was still exciting. I was into it right from the beginning. I was one of the ones that kept popping up out of her seat to get a better view. As awful as this sounds, it was pretty exciting watching the players slam into the boards too. (No, I’m not really sadistic, but I must admit there is something about watching a good hockey fight!) I like hockey because it is so fast paced. Things keep moving and I like that. There is a lot of energy at hockey games. When we move to Ohio we will be about an hour away from Columbus. That isn’t so far…we can go watch the Blue Jackets play. It’s pretty hilarious that I’d be into hockey–considering I can’t even ice skate myself. No really. Not at all. I’ve attempted it a few times and landed on my backside more times then I care to admit. It was humiliating. It was embarrassing. It was cold. I’ll just stay put in the stands and watch the guys on the ice. They know what they are doing….and they sure make for an exciting game.