The Plaza Inn

The Plaza Inn is in Mt. Victory, Ohio. It is a great little restaurant.  Scott had heard about it from several people and so we decided to check it out yesterday for lunch. We liked it so much we went back for lunch again today. We all enjoyed our food. ( I recommend the philly cheese steak sandwich, or the Plaza burger. Very yummy and really hit the spot….. the kids enjoyed the taco salad in an edible tortilla bowl…for family that plans on visiting us once we permanently move to Ohio, plan on at least one meal at the Plaza Inn restaurant!) Lisa was our waitress yesterday and she was so friendly. She treated us as if she’d known us all of her life. Today our waitress was Phyllis who wore a genuine smile on her face. We even met the owner of the restaurant  who gave the interesting history of her family’s business. The family has owned the business there for 50 years. That alone should tell you something. Obviously, they are well loved in their community.

I think that the Plaza Inn Restaurant is the type of place that a person can go and be treated like a friend.  In a fast paced, crazy world where hardly anyone has time to even pause long enough to get your order, it’s nice to know that in a small town in central Ohio there is a restaurant where time slows a little bit and one can just relax and enjoy a delicious meal with family.

One thought on “The Plaza Inn

  1. Hey Mrs. Dawn!!

    I was so excited to hear from you! I must say that I missed reading your HSB blog and sending comments back and forth. I meant to add this page to my bookmarks but….*ahem*..I got sidetracked. ^_^ And if it’s not on my bookmarks, I completely forget about it. (that seems to be happening a lot lately) 0_0

    Anywho, So, ya’ll are in Ohio right now?! Awesome, and ya’ll are moving? I’ve been to Ohio about 5 times on vacation. (My mom loves the Amish and the way they live) So she would cart us all off from south Louisiana to northern Ohio. (an 18 hour drive was a long time when I was 9) We made some awesome friends up there. What side are ya’ll moving to? North/south /east/west?

    Have a blessed day,

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