Any Town U.S.A

We were driving back from Mt. Victory tonight…going through Belle Center. I mentioned to Scott that this truly looked like a stereo-typical mid west small town. It was a warm spring evening. Kids were at the corner Dairy Dip (I can’t remember the actual name) getting an ice cream.  It was a building on the corner about the size of a large closet. There were a couple of large grain silos on the main street. I think they were still in use but I couldn’t be sure. People out mowing yards, and others sitting on their porches on tree lined streets. Scott and I ended up on one street that still was made from brick. How old must that be? Do they still make brick streets anymore? It was just very peaceful. I cannot get over how quiet it is around here.  Having lived in a city for the past 16 years I’ve gotten so used to all the city noises….that real quiet seems even so much more quiet. Does that make sense?

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