Having A Good Hair Day

We women are an interesting lot. IF we are having a good hair day then everything else just falls into place. Bad hair day, well, just don’t talk to us! For me yesterday was a good hair day. I had an appointment with Kristen at Salon Du Jour. She did a great job layering my hair. I don’t know if my hair had ever been so full of shine and smoothness. When she got finished with me I had this unexplainable urge to swing my head around like a shampoo model. Of course, I bought a bottle of whatever it was that she put in my hair. The rest of the evening I went about my business, catching a glimpse of myself in the mirrors around the house…thinking “wow. girl you’ve got some good hair!”.

That was yesterday…this is the morning of the day after. My beautiful hair has been slept on. I’m not exactly sure what it is that I do to myself at night to wake up with such uh….interesting hair. Ladies you know what I mean. One side flat, the other side sticking out at weird angles. I looked at myself in the mirror this morning and wasn’t nearly as impressed with myself as I was yesterday. What happened to the shampoo model hair?

Now, the question is will I ever be able to do to my hair what Kristin, the stylist, did? Probably not. I can try but I don’t have the gift. I know how to comb my hair and I’m fairly adept at a curling iron, but model hair??? I’m not so sure. I’m a little intimidated. Hmmm……I’m going to attempt to have a good hair day. For the good of the world….or at least for the good of my little part of the world. Hey people, I have my priorities! 🙂