They Get What They Deserve

I’ve been doing some thinking lately. (not that I don’t think all the time) I’ve been thinking about criminals and court cases. I’ve been thinking about some moral questions about consequences of personal choices……

#1 I received a notice in the mail this week that I am to be at the court house this Friday for the case, State of Tennessee vs. Ms. Mobley. This would be the case against one of the lovely ladies that broke out the window in my car and stole everything that wasn’t attached. People can say what they want, but I don’t have any sympathy for her. I think she deserves jail time. (remember–prostitution, drugs, vandalism, and theft) Sure she had no role models and quite frankly her life probably was (is) a very dark place. I still think she had choices to make for herself and she chose a life of drugs and crime. Other people have had bad lives and they chose something better for themselves……She could have done that. For whatever reason she chose to be a burden on society. I think she needs consequences for her actions. She needs to understand that what she did was wrong. I don’t know if she’ll actually be sorry. I don’t know if she even cares…….and that is probably the saddest thing to me. Total apathy.

#2  Now on a much bigger scale, and a much more profoundly sad note…We, in Knoxville, have a case that has gone to court and we are now waiting for a jury decision. A group of black men carjacked two young, white people in their car in January of 2007. The young woman and her boyfriend were taken back to a house and both were sexually assaulted in ways I can’t even write, tortured, and brutally hurt in ways that are too difficult to even think about. The young man’s body was then burned and thrown on train tracks. The lady was ravaged for a couple more days then wrapped in a plastic bag and thrown in a trash can where she suffocated in a slow, agonizing death. These animals that did these things were eventually caught. One of the men just had his trial and we are awaiting a jury decision on his fate. Of course race has been brought up. I don’t understand that at all. What has race got to do with this? Really, not a thing if you ask me. What they did was not racially motivated at least not in the beginning….they wanted an SUV I guess. But what happened next can be nothing but a hate crime. If all they wanted was a car then why not just throw the people out and take off? Why torture these people and kill them in the most violent way? What has to happen inside a persons heart to allow them to do such awful things to another human being?

Some family members of the carjackers are saying they aren’t bad people….they were mixed up with the wrong crowd….How hollow is that? This was not even a shooting, which is terrible enough. Sometimes a shooting happens because of stupidity or an act of anger. The person isn’t really thinking. This case is on an entirely different level. Once they had these kids they kept them for quite a while before disposing of them. It’s sickening. How dare anyone make excuses for such animalistic behavior. In cases like this I think they need the ultimate punishment. The death penalty is called for. My opinion is that when they chose, in a premeditated way, to torture and kill two human beings they at that moment chose to sacrifice their own lives.