NTC 2008 in Atlanta, Georgia!!

Well, I blogged a few days ago telling you that I was going to Arbonne’s Nat’l Training Conference (aka NTC).

I managed to survive Atlanta traffic. It was a good trip and an easy drive until I hit the outside of Atlanta, then it turned into the Daytona 500. I made it in one piece:) I got to the Hyatt where I was staying and had to have the valet park my car…..I found out this morning when I left that it was to the tune of 72 bucks to park for 3 days!! I’m not used to valet—and I guess that is reasonable for that sort of thing…but still. I’ll admit, I’m cheap sometimes:) I learned a lot at NTC and attended many great trainings. I came away knowing that Arbonne is definitely the company for me!!

The only thing that drove me a little nutty is the shuttle service back and forth from the Georgia Dome. (Where our group speakers were at) 16.000 women (and a few men) get tired, after sitting in stadium seating, standing in line to get a quick meal, standing in line to go to the bathroom, and then standing in line for a shuttle. We almost had a mutiny on Friday afternoon when the bus stopped and got the wrong group of people…the ones that hadn’t been waiting as long as some of the rest of us!

Arbonne has a new Detoxification Spa Line that is truly the most amazing product line ever! I am already in love with the Sea Face and Body Mask, and I’ve only sampled in a couple of times! Of course when I put it on at the hotel the first night we got the samples I gave my roommates a little scare. Because it has algae in it, I looked like a cross between a soldier who has on green camo face paint, and the legendary Swamp Thing. My roommate tried it out and she said she felt like the Wicked Witch from the Wizard of Oz. Women will go to great lengths for beauty…..plus we were detoxifying our skin. That is my story and I’m sticking to it.