Not Norman Rockwell…

I thought I’d blog this for everyone just so you know the latest details/follow up of the saga of my car break in……. Yesterday Officer (detective) S. called me and told me they had much of our stolen property found and 2 females in custody. Could I come in (today) and sign off on their warrant? Well, I drove downtown to the City/County Building and met with him. Here is the entire seedy story for the curious minds that would like to know……..

I already wrote about the man from my church that had his cell phone stolen that same fateful day. Well, he got it back from that lady who said her son “found it”. Whatever!! Turns out that woman is not only mother to the 13 yr old boy, but to his two sisters (over 18 yrs. old) who actually were the thieves. This is the interesting part—–once the man from my church got his phone back from the mom, he turned it in to the police who were calling the numbers that she had put on the phone….(stupid!) In the meantime one of her daughters was picked up for prostitution on Monday night. She and her sister “work” out of the Motel 6. Isn’t that special? So anyway, the police have this woman in the slammer. She is a crack cocaine addict and is getting antsy without her drugs. She starts telling on herself and on her sister…..singing like a canary. In the meantime the detective is putting the numbers from the phone, with the lady in the jail and it’s all starting to come together. So, the sister in the jail tells on her other sister and the police go to the Motel 6 where they find her—and she is cooking meth (the officer said he saw a pic of the this girl from a few months ago and she was attractive now just a few months later she looks like a hag, sores all over her face, that’s what meth does)—and she is caught red handed. They also find quite a bit of the stolen property in the motel room. So they haul her off to jail. Both sisters tell on each other and confess to everything. I had to sign a warrant against them. I have to go to court, probably sometime within the next month over this whole matter. Hopefully, other people will also press charges. So the girls are drug addicted prostitutes. Oh, the officer said the mother of these two wonderful women also has a rap sheet a mile long full of drug related crimes and robbery….so the apples are not far from that tree, huh? What a sad existence for human beings. Utter depravity. I ended up getting my samples back, and our cell phone chargers. Our GPS is at Valu-Pawn, and the MP3 player is at a Used Book store. (you can also trade in small electronic’s there) Both of these places have been notified and our items are on hold. I can’t get them back until the the day of the court appearance–I have to get a judges order so they can release these items to me. Our TV is gone….and who knows where. So much for returning that to Walmart for an exchange.
So all in all, I’ve had a very eye opening experience today with the seedy underbelly of the dregs of humanity. I told the officer at first I was shocked, then angry, and now I just think the whole situation is sad. People actually live like this. So sad. (but I’m not so sad that I didn’t press charges…..they need to suffer the consequences of their poor choices). Oh yeah, the one sister has 2 children a 3 yr. old and a 1 yr. old and guess who has custody/guardianship of them? Their granny!!! And my hasn’t she done such a good job with her own children? A son in 7 different foster homes, and 2 prostitute/druggie daughters. Sooooooo Norman Rockwell….it just gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.