Dumb As A Box Of Rocks!

Okay, normally I do not resort to name calling but this is an exception to that rule. There are people that walk this earth that really ARE as dumb as a box of rocks. This is a true story. I know it’s true because it happened to me.  Remember I told you that last Sunday my car got smashed and my property stolen? Well, this week the officer on the case called me. He wanted to double check some serial numbers. He told me they suspect (and are pretty sure) that this 13 old boy —and his mom did the heist! (which would explain why $100 of my Arbonne product samples were stolen out of my car. The crooked mom wanted soft, smooth skin! Can you believe it?!) So anyway, yesterday at church I find out that one of the men at my church whose car was also broken into, had a cell phone stolen. This man decides to call his number “just to see what would happen.” A woman answers the phone! He tells her, “listen lady you have my phone and it was stolen and I want it back.” She TELLS him where she is at and to come and get it! He does and she claims that her son “found” it behind a grocery store. PUH-LEEZE! Even if that was remotely true, why would you take the phone and make it your own???? Who did she think was paying for that phone service???? DUH. The really funny part, and the part that makes her one dumb bunny is that she left all the numbers on the phone that she had put there, when she gave the man the phone back. The man turned it into the police who have been following up on all the numbers and getting quite a story. HELLO. Let’s just rob someone then turn around and lead them right back to yourself. Stupid. But I’m glad she’s stupid because it’s really helping the officers on the case. She should be on that video for Worlds Most Stupid Criminals. haha!!