Atlanta Traffic

I’m going to Atlanta this week for an Arbonne conference. I’m looking forward to the conference. It will be awesome to see thousands of consultants all in one place. I love “Hot-lanta” and am glad the conference is there this year. It’s an awesome city! But, I have to be honest—I’m NOT at all thrilled with Atlanta traffic. Anyone who has ever been to Atlanta knows what I’m talking about. Don’t you love it…as you’re driving along all the sudden there are 8 lanes of traffic (how did that happen?) and you realize that you are lost. Not only that but then you realize that you are in the far left lane and you need to get off so you have to cut across several lanes of traffic. People are not impressed and are not afraid let you know it, with some unfriendly (where’s the southern hospitality:) hand gestures and honking. Ahhh…..what fun I have to look forward too!