Lord Willing and The Creek Don’t Rise!

I’m sure everyone has seen the flooding all over the midwest. They say that it’s going to get worse before it gets better. This morning I watched a story about some people in their truck (with a long horse trailer behind them) that were stuck in the middle of rising water. Evidently, the road had been dry at 3 am but by the time they had packed their stuff to leave the water had gotten high…they thought they could make it across since they had a big truck, but alas even big trucks can stall out. Have you ever been stuck in a flooded area? It’s pretty scary, especially if the water is moving fast.

Here is Tennessee we have flash flooding. In the Spring schools have actually had to close due to flooding. In the early 90’s I was on my way to a friends house on a major highway through town when BLAM! I was in deep water before I knew it! There was a small compact car caught in the middle of the street. The water had rushed into the car and the two ladies had to get out and walk (knee deep) to higher ground. I hugged the concrete median in my Toyota Corolla and prayed that my car wouldn’t stall. I was scared to death. Once you are in the middle of something like that you can’t really turn around, and you’re scared to go ahead, but just sitting there you will for sure get water in your car…so on I went. I made it, but was a nervous wreck for the rest of the trip. Unknown water can definitely be a scary thing.

Really if you think about it water is a mysterious thing…water in its steam or boiling form can burn us or be used for power, in its frozen form we can have dangerous driving conditions or use it to cool our tea, in a vapor form it can give moisture to dry air but too much and it causes mildew, rain is necessary for our crops to thrive, but an abundance of rain can cause severe, damaging flooding. We have to drink enough water or we will die. A large part of our body is made up of water, as is most of our Earth. Water truly is an amazing thing.


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