More on the whole Obama thing

Number one I’m getting sick of hearing about Obama’s pastor, former pastor, spiritual adviser or whatever he is. People can say what they want about that man doing good works in Chicago blah,blah,blah…Great. He did some good things, but I’m not convinced that this man is a man of integrity or character. Barrack Obama is all the time talking about how words are important. I will hand it to him, that he is an excellent orator. He can get the masses of people all stirred up with emotion. His words are all about change. (change of what and how things will change is still yet to be determined.) I do just have one more thing to say and then I guess I’ll let it go. How can Obama say that he went to a church for 20 YEARS and didn’t know what kind of man his pastor is? He was married by this man, his children were baptized by this man, he attended services where this man preached. Obama so much liked one of his sermons that he used it in one of his books. Yet, he didn’t know that the pastor felt the way he did? He didn’t know this when he put pastor Wright on his spiritual advisory committee? I mean what is the deal with that? Now he wants to repudiate what this guy has to say. I think that the issue has become to hot for Barrack to handle…he doesn’t want to get burned so he NOW doesn’t agree with pastor Wright. I mean I think it is probably politically savy of him to distance himself from a man who has such hateful words for our country. I believe there is a lot to say about the company that a man keeps. Who he surrounds himself with tells us volumes.


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