Here, Kitty, Kitty…

The other night we had a little scare at the Gibson house. Joe (our more skittish kitty) was gone. Now you have to understand that Joe is in love with Scott. He lays on Scott’s lap, or next to his leg all day while Scott works. He is like a furry apendage. Anyway, Scott had not seen him since early in the morning. Where was Joe? We thought maybe he was just hiding and didn’t worry about it for most of the day. Night rolled around and still no sign of our black and white fur ball. Scott was really worried now. Every family member looked around the house. Under furniture, behind doors, downstairs and upstairs, we scoured the entire house. He was nowhere! We were beginning to really worry now. What if Joe got trapped somewhere? What if he died? As we are all getting ready to go to bed…Kendrick hears it. A small scratchy sound and it is coming from under HIS bed! He feels around, peeks under his bed and Joe shoots out the other side! Joe had been hiding in a quiet place all day. He had no idea the worry he was causing. Silly cat. I gave him a good lecture about his actions. He intently stared at me. I know he understood. I think he felt a little guilty. As well he should!

Free Credit Report Dot Com

Okay, already! Have you seen the 3 different Free Credit Report commercials? I can’t get those catchy jingles out of my head. I find myself singing, “Free Credit Report Dot Com, I should have seen it comin’ at me like an atom bomb… It gives me free email alert…so I don’t end up selling tea to tourists in T-shirts.” Alright, I admit that this little diddy isn’t going to win any Grammy awards but, it IS a good commercial. It gets in your brain. I was singing it is the car. I was humming it while on the computer. AAaagghhhh!! Advertisers are trying to take over the world!!!

I also love the Geico commercials. I love the little Gecko but I really love the new ones with the celebrities who “interpret” for the regular guy. Cracks me up! The one with Joan Rivers is so funny. You can tell the man that is talking is trying not to laugh at her on camera.

I think I enjoy the commercials more than I enjoy the television shows. At least commercials, for the most part are creative, or at least try to be, which is more then I can say for most shows on TV these days.

Their Mouths Sparkled

I love going to the orthodontist. Not for me, mind you, but with my son. He’s the one who has to endure 2 or 3 years of braces on his teeth. I just get to watch the kids in the waiting room. We went again today for an appointment. There was a young pre-teen there with his dad. He was there for the consultation. (that is when they check out his teeth and tell the parent how much it’s going to take to make them straight and beautiful.) I watched him as he fidgeted. I knowingly smiled having had my son in that exact same spot just a few months ago. Last time we were at the office an older teen boy came out into the waiting room. All of us looked up as he entered. He had the biggest grin on his face. That was the day he had his braces taken off. The smile said it all. His dad clapped him on the back and said, “son, let me see those teeth.” Mom had just walked in and hugged him and said, “wow. Your teeth are beautiful.” He just grinned from ear to ear. For me it was one of those “parent” moments when no matter about other things…you can relate at that moment. It was just a sweet moment. I was happy for the boy. Yes, I even have those kinds of “ah,ha” moments at the orthodontist. All of us banded together (yes, pun intended) there in the waiting room. Waiting for our children. Waiting for beautiful teeth. Waiting for the big smile.

Tornadoes in Tennessee

We are currently under a tornado watch until 11 am this morning. Pretty scary stuff. We, in East Tennessee didn’t get hit like our fellow Tennesseean’s in the West and Middle part of the state. The destruction and loss of life is terrible. As interesting as I find tornadoes to be, I am reminded also of how deadly. It is scary when tornadoes happen at night, when it is dark, one can’t “see” what is coming. I’m reminded once again that man is able to do many things, and maybe even predict what might occur, but we can do nothing but stand by and watch when nature’s fury hits. As much as we’d like to believe we are in control….we are not.

It’s Super Tuesday

It’s time to vote in Tennessee. Hmm…….. I’ll tell you what, watching these presidential candidates is like watching a soap opera. Forgive me, but sometimes I like to just watch them be snarky with each other. All the finger pointing, claims, stumping, word twisting, back patting going on…… I mean it is enough to just make my brain tired. As a republican I’m not left with many good choices (yes, I know that is my opinion). Even though I might not be thrilled with the candidates I AM going to go vote. That has always been a big deal to me. I hate it when someone complains about our political leaders and then when asked if they vote they say, “no. I didn’t have time.” or “it doesn’t make a difference anyway.” Arrgghh!! Don’t complain if you don’t vote!! Of course, I’m watching FOX news this morning. I guess we’ll all know who is pulling ahead in the run for president by the end of this evening. I can’t believe this is only February. Are we going to be able to survive until November????

Why are there Mondays?

I hit my snooze button several times this morning. I think it is a Monday thing with me. If I hit the snooze button several times then maybe it will skip straight to Tuesday. Well, I can hope anyway. I’ve got a bunch of stuff to do today which is probably the reason I just wanted to roll over and sleep some more. Ugh.

It does not help that it is gray and drizzly outside this morning. It is definitely a “sleep in” sort of a day. Don’t worry I did not give into the urge to stay in bed, I did the responsible thing (and the less guilt inducing) and got up. Not happily, mind you….but I did it.Right now I am staring at a HUGE basket of laundry. It sits right at my feet. I look down at it. I am not thinking happy thoughts…it mocks me. I hate laundry. I know that is a strong word to use, but it is the truth. For a brief moment I have the thought of Adam and Eve in the Garden…..they didn’t have to worry about laundry. That’s probably one of the reasons why the Garden was such a paradise! Of course we couldn’t live like them now. It’s way to cold. Still……..

Zippity Do Da!

Well, I did it! I had my first 2 launch parties yesterday. They were so much fun. I enjoyed pampering my guests with the salt scrubs and foot soaks. I watched everything LaGenna did. She is both encouraging and inspiring. I like her a lot. I found that the more I talked about Arbonne and the opportunities it provides me, the more confident I became. That is a big deal to me. Public speaking doesn’t really scare me like it does some people… long as I am prepared and have in my head what I would like to say. I have only just recently decided to make Arbonne my business, but already I have been stretched and have had to leave my comfort zone. I’ve never been a big “talk on the phone” kind of a person, I prefer face to face, but I’m learning to overcome that. It will just be interesting to see how I grow as I try new and different things. I realize there will be ups and downs with having my own business and that is to be expected. I mean that is just the way life is in general. I think one of the neatest and most memorable things for me about Arbonne will be how I was willing to take risks….and how I survived, even through cancellations, or “no’s”. Life always has uncertainty and difficulty. It’s what one does with the difficulty that makes the difference.

Living in a Storage Building/Warehouse

I used to live in a normal, regular house. Now I live in a storage building. Okay, so maybe it isn’t actually a storage building, but it sure feels like one. Do you have any idea how many boxes a family of 5 can accumulate? A LOT let me tell you! Yes, we will be moving this year. Yes, we are trying to pack stuff as we go. Yes, one can be assured as soon as  she packs something up that she will need said packed item and will be forced to dig around until she finds it. Thus messing up everything she already packed. Example in point….I needed my brown boots the other day. I knew they were somewhere in the closet. I was beyond frustrated because I couldn’t locate them. I was having a breakdown because I cannot stand the moving “limbo” I am stuck in. I will be so glad to have a bigger house! It will be ORGANIZED and I won’t have to raise my blood pressure just to find things.

Now, I have started a new Arbonne business and I have bought samples to hand out and other business things. My kitchen at the moment has baskets full of “the business stuff”. Now it looks like a warehouse. The other family members and I have to hurdle boxes, scoot baskets over, and shove things around in order to get to the counter/table/refrigerator or some other necessary appliance. For someone who is by nature, a very organized neat freak I currently have an eye tic going on due to this situation. The tic makes me look a little odd. Okay, maybe a little scary. Don’t make fun of me….