Politics Really Is A Dirty Job

Now McCain supposedly had an affair with some woman. Both he and the woman deny it. He had to have a press conference to defend himself. Who really knows. Hillary is not doing well at the polls so she is going after Obama with a vengeance. She has enough problems of her own to worry about—after all she is lugging her husband around with her. Obama claims he wants change. But what does that mean? Change what? How? When? He obviously is a wonderful orator but when the rubber meets the road–words aren’t going to win over action. Obama’s wife saying she just NOW is proud of her country??? What is that all about? Give me a break. All of them are digging for dirt on each other. I don’t know about you but doesn’t it all just seem sickening after awhile? Integrity and taking the high road do not seem to be on anyones agenda right now.

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