School Shootings

For crying out loud! What is going on? I just don’t get it. This latest school shooting in Illinois is so unbelievably sad. It’s like Va. Tech all over again. Why? Why? I don’t understand how a person could just get up and decide that today is the day he is going to massacre people. Innocent students sitting in a geology class are gone because of some crazy, deluded young man.

This past week in a high school in Memphis, Tennessee two boys got into a verbal argument in the cafeteria. One boy pulled out a gun and shot and killed the other boy. The school went into lock down. This is a school that has metal detectors and security guards. Still a child is dead.

What is the answer for this? I don’t know. Does anyone know? School shootings are more and more frequent. Throughout the past decade it seems like each year has a sad story to tell about students turning on their fellow classmates. I do not remember this kind of thing happening when I went to elementary school in the 70’s or middle, high school, and college throughout the 80’s. What has changed? Are kids so disassociated from each other that they don’t care how they affect others? Do they think life has no value? That it means nothing to shoot someone–to take someones life? Have they become callous to people–and think no one understands them? Honestly, I just don’t understand.