Quoting A Little Erma

Wasn’t it Erma Bombeck who said, ” if life is a bowl of cherries why am I in the pits?” It’s one of those kind of days. I hate these kind of days. The alarm clock goes off—-right as I’m getting to a good part in my dream. Arrgghh! I roll out of bed and get my foot caught in the comforter. Ker plunk! I stumble to the bathroom only to notice that the toilet paper roll is out and so I have to dig under the vanity to get a new one. I put my makeup on and inadvertently smudge my eyeliner…so now I look like part woman, part raccoon. I make it out to the kitchen in one piece…barely. I wanted a hard boiled egg for breakfast. It was one of THOSE eggs. You know the kind that you try to peel and no matter how hard you try the shell won’t smoothly come off. By the time I’m done getting the shell off the egg I have not much more left then the yolk. UGH.

Hey, I should be thankful. I am alive and breathing. That’s always a good thing. I do have a lot going for me……even if today is the pits.