Superbowl Lessons On Life

I read a really cool quote today in Tom Barrett’s newsletter. He said that the N.Y. Giants were the underdogs to win the Super Bowl. They had a difficult season and the week before the big game there were some injuries and some practices that were lacking in finesse. The Giants did not give up…even against all odds. On one practice day in particular one of the receivers kept dropping the balls that Eli Manning was throwing to him. Eli walked over to him and said, “You forget about this. You’re a gamer. I know you are.” A simple thing to say, but it hit home.

I like that quote. Isn’t that a great one for all of us to remember about life? We all mess up, we all make mistakes. We need to just dust ourselves off, forget that and move on with the game of life. Keep our chins up…there are people out there that know we can do it.

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