They Don’t Bite, I Promise!!

For those of you who are unaware, not only do we have 2 inside cats, 1 outside cat and a pony being stabled in Ohio….we also have 2 dogs. Ace and Junior. Now Ace and Junior are buds. They are fairly easy going dogs. The most that might happen is that they’d try and lick you to death. (considering their stinky doggy breath, that is bad enough!)

They are not fighters, they are slobbery lovers, BUT they are barkers. This is unfortunate for the UPS delivery guys, and the mailman. I received some packages from Arbonne yesterday and I hear the honk of the truck and “down dogs!” I knew it was the UPS guy. I go out to the front porch and tell Ace to “zip it! He doesn’t want to hear from you!” When going out to get the mail later in the afternoon I see a notice from the mailman. ” You have a parcel that I could not deliver due to the dogs. Ugh. I go to the P.O. to try and get my package, later in the evening. “Sorry” I was told. “You have to come in tomorrow to get it.” Do I have to wait through this line that goes out the door? “Yes, sorry. It’s the Valentines Day rush.” Aaarrrgh!

No, we don’t have the dogs tied up. They have special collars that they wear. Our yard has those electronic sensor things that if the dogs get to close to the boundary they get a slight zap. Once they figured that out, they didn’t even attempt to go to the edge of the yard. Those are pretty nifty gadgets, except if you are trying to deliver something to our house. I suppose I might be nervous too if Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum were guarding the front porch.