When You’ve Been Run Over By A Semi-Truck

Okay, maybe not really run over….I just feel like it. I couldn’t go to sleep last night. I tossed. I turned. I tossed again. At one point I felt like a catapillar in a cocoon. I was wrapped up in my blankets so tightly I was a like a bedtime burrito!! I couldn’t stand that so I threw off the covers. Then I got cold. The pillow was lumpy. My neck hurt. I think at one point I accidentally kicked Joe (our cat) who happened to be at the foot of the bed. He was probably not happy because I was interrupting his sleep with all my moving around. Finally, at 6am I got up. I mean what’s the use of trying to sleep? Now I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck. Not a little pick up truck either. A big one. A Semi—the kind that will blow past you on the interstate. That is what my headache feels like.

I think when I went to wake the children this morning (2 hrs. later) they knew that I felt yucky. They probably had a clue when I growled at them and told them if they didn’t get up and get moving that I would annoy them until they were forced to surrender. (why let them sleep? It’s not fair. If I can’t, then they can’t either!) Hopefully, some Tylenol will help my situation, and it will resolve itself soon and I will be back to the normally cheerful, sweet, and lovable mom that I am. ( okay, already don’t gag!)

Scott is in Ohio now. He is trying to get the ball rolling with the “before we actually start to build” stuff. I miss him already and he hasn’t even been gone a full 24 hours. I blame him for not being able to sleep last night!