It’s Super Tuesday

It’s time to vote in Tennessee. Hmm…….. I’ll tell you what, watching these presidential candidates is like watching a soap opera. Forgive me, but sometimes I like to just watch them be snarky with each other. All the finger pointing, claims, stumping, word twisting, back patting going on…… I mean it is enough to just make my brain tired. As a republican I’m not left with many good choices (yes, I know that is my opinion). Even though I might not be thrilled with the candidates I AM going to go vote. That has always been a big deal to me. I hate it when someone complains about our political leaders and then when asked if they vote they say, “no. I didn’t have time.” or “it doesn’t make a difference anyway.” Arrgghh!! Don’t complain if you don’t vote!! Of course, I’m watching FOX news this morning. I guess we’ll all know who is pulling ahead in the run for president by the end of this evening. I can’t believe this is only February. Are we going to be able to survive until November????