Living in a Storage Building/Warehouse

I used to live in a normal, regular house. Now I live in a storage building. Okay, so maybe it isn’t actually a storage building, but it sure feels like one. Do you have any idea how many boxes a family of 5 can accumulate? A LOT let me tell you! Yes, we will be moving this year. Yes, we are trying to pack stuff as we go. Yes, one can be assured as soon as  she packs something up that she will need said packed item and will be forced to dig around until she finds it. Thus messing up everything she already packed. Example in point….I needed my brown boots the other day. I knew they were somewhere in the closet. I was beyond frustrated because I couldn’t locate them. I was having a breakdown because I cannot stand the moving “limbo” I am stuck in. I will be so glad to have a bigger house! It will be ORGANIZED and I won’t have to raise my blood pressure just to find things.

Now, I have started a new Arbonne business and I have bought samples to hand out and other business things. My kitchen at the moment has baskets full of “the business stuff”. Now it looks like a warehouse. The other family members and I have to hurdle boxes, scoot baskets over, and shove things around in order to get to the counter/table/refrigerator or some other necessary appliance. For someone who is by nature, a very organized neat freak I currently have an eye tic going on due to this situation. The tic makes me look a little odd. Okay, maybe a little scary. Don’t make fun of me….