Food For Thought

I’ve been very disturbed lately with all these women who end up missing, only to be found dead later on. Is it only me or does this seem to be happening more frequently? Maybe it’s just more media coverage, I’m not sure. It seems like some of these husbands or boyfriends are sociopaths. They can carry on like nothing is wrong that their wife, girlfriend, or significant other is missing. Very bizarre.  And very scary.The one unfortunate young woman went hiking on New Years Day and was killed by an older man that she shared a conversation with while their dogs romped together on a break. That is creepy. Or the guy who not only murdered a fellow marine, but burned her AND his unborn child. I’m sorry but a person has to have a serious mental break to be able to do that. Then there is the middle eastern man who shot his 2 older teenage daughters at point blank range in the back of his cab because he had suspected that they had started dating. He considered it an “honor killing”. Then he ran. I realize that through the years there has always been violence against women, and the media does bring it more to the forefront now, but still even with that said it does seem to be more prevalent. Why is that, do you think? Yes, there have always been “bad” seeds. Men who were frightening……. BUT… I KNOW that there are good men out there too. The kind of man that wants to protect women and take care of them. Men of character and integrity. I wish the media would show us some of those stories. I think we all need to see them.

One thought on “Food For Thought

  1. I can’t speak to other forms of violence against women, but dishonor killings are almost surely on the increase. . .and they are being exported to lands have have little to no tradition of them. It’s disturbing, very disturbing.

    Ellen R. Sheeley, Author
    “Reclaiming Honor in Jordan”

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