Burma Shave

Back in the day there were Burma Shave advertising signs along the side of the road. Some of you have no earthly idea what I am talking about, and some of you, from an older generation, ( I won’t mention any names) know what it is I’m speaking of. Honestly, this was before my time too, BUT I collect tins and while I was downstairs this morning running copies for the kiddos I was admiring my tin collection. I have a Burma Shave tin. It is a reproduction, but it has a nice shaving brush and round soap bar in it. (not used!) So, as you already know my mind wanders. I can be doing one thing, see something else and my mind begins to ponder about that… NO. I’m not ADD. I just like to think about stuff.

I have loved reading the fun jingles for Burma Shave that the advertisers came up with. So in tribute to fun advertising, and nostalgia I’ve come up with some of my own “Burma Shave” jingles. Hope you enjoy, or they at least make you smile today:)

Stay At Home Moms

Work All Day

Putting In Overtime

For No Pay!

Store Coupons

Rebates Galore

One More Trip

To The Walmart Store.

Get Up Early

To Home School Teach

Having Dreams About

A Nice Warm Beach.

A Faithful Husband

Who Loves Her So

He Tells Her Often

So She Will Know.

Life Is Good

And Things Are Great

Now I Must Go

I’m Running Late!

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